Production technologies

For all applications areas, Egston offers an optimal insulation technique. Within a cable tree model, various techniques may also be combined.

Cable ties
Application to bundle indivitual cables, with little or no outside influence
Advantages inexpensive, simple operation

Braided cable sleeve
Application to bundle individual cables, gives some friction protection
Advantages flexible diamter

Insulation ties
Application for individual cable which need to be thermally and mechanically completely protected, if it is not necessary to optimise to the minimum diamter
Advantages inexpensive

Shrining tube
Application where there are high thermal and mechanical demands on the cable harness, for water tight cable harnesses
Advantages compactness-optimising to minimum diameter possible

Corrugate tube
Application where there are high mechanical influences, if there is no optimising to the smallest diamter
Advantages high mechanical strength limited use for flexible uses

Application for compact applications, without particular mechanical or thermal demands
Advantages material readily available, no condensation water

Braiding with nylon netting
Application for compact applications with high mechanical demands fiexed laid situation
Advantages material readily available, no doncensatin water

Jacket cable
Application for flexible applications
Advantages mechanically and thermally robust, cycle proof

Our production plant in the Czech Republic is characterized by the high standards we have set regarding quality and safety of production.  Our production department has state-of-the-art computer-aided cutting, coating and crimping machinery. Every cable tree will be examined by means of computer-controlled systems and will not leave our premises before it has been fully tested (100%). ISO 9901:2000 certification guarantees long-term quality and continual optimization.