Programmable Logic Controller PLC

To ensure that all components are integrated into a COMPISO System Unit, the unit contains a PLC.

This PLC covers:


Power ON and Power OFF Logic

Power ON and Power OFF Cycles are triggered by the COMPISO SCADA System. The PLC performs the Power ON Cycle and the Power OFF Cycle. It ensures that the power path is set up in the correct order and that the Digital Amplifiers are put to operation after Power ON Cycle finished. At Power OFF Cycle it disables the Digital Amplifiers first and continues with shut down of all the devices in the power path.

Emergency & Safety Logic

When an Emergency OFF is triggered by pressing an Emergency OFF Button, by opening a cabinets door or triggered by an external event, the safety PLC shuts down the power path, switches off all power devices and discharges the DC-Link capacitors. The safety logic drives the cabinets signal tower to show the COMPISO System Units state.

External Emergency Off

The CSU can be equipped with external contacts to integrate additional emergency off buttons that can be placed outside the COMPISO System Unit. It can be used to integrate laboratory equipment outside the CSU into the safety architecture.

COMPISO System Unit Safety Paralleling

If several CSUs are operated in parallel the safety infrastructures of the CSUs can be connected to work as a single safety cell. To perform this the CSU will be equipped with additional safety cables to connect the safety infrastructure of the CSUs.

Parameter Monitoring

The state of water cooling infrastructure is monitored by the PLC Sensors. Furthermore, temperature and pressure are monitored within the SCADA system. If temperature or pressure level leaves the safe operating area, warnings will be sent to the SCADA system. Emergency Power Off gets triggered, as soon as an alarm level exceeds.