The Egston design

Plug-in PSUs serve the purpose of supplying electricity, however, the majority consider them, a nuisance one has to live with. It gets worse if these gadgets are big, heavy and bulky. Unfortunately, many manufacturers still include linear PSUs with their electronic devices. These are perhaps cheaper, but this doesn’t make them any smaller or lighter. From the very beginning, EGSTON has been concentrating on SMPSs, considerably smaller, lighter and more economic than linear PSUs.  But also for SMPSs, the requirements differ, and when devices needed to be both compact and user-friendly, EGSTON became the trend-setter of new market standards.

The housing developed by industrial designer professor Ernst W. Beranek has been well thought-out to the minutest detail.  The plug pins are aligned with the body and thus the housing, which is extremely flat, can be easily gripped. In addition, every plug port of a multiple socket outlet can be utilized. The slanted cable design with built-in safety against buckling reduces wear and tear, and due to its ergonomic body grip design, it can be easily unplugged.

It is evident that this has not gone unnoticed by some of our competitors. How should the striking resemblance between their latest developments and the trend-setting design of our “Mainy” from 1995 be explained otherwise?