It all started with a voice recorder: The PSU was bigger and heavier than the actual voice recorder, hence the idea was born to design an SMPS that would fit into a flat plug. The original design with reverse converter technology, however, could not satisfing the quality requirements Egston set itself. Low efficiency and a high degree of electrical noise prompted to switch to quasiresonant transformer technology.

Excellent innovation

This allowed a highly miniaturized design andEgston succeeded in launching the world-wide first 3.6 W SMPS, which was integrated into a flat plug.  Egston received several prizes for its "Mainy", among others, in 1995 the prize for innovative design awarded by the [Austrian] government as well as the gold medal from Brussels. Egston, the pioneers that paved the way for miniaturized applications, kept focussing on PSUs, where weight and size play an important role. Later on, a series of chargers for mobile phone and the “Switcher” were added, which was an extremely compact plug-in PSU with selectable output voltage. Egston concentrated on developing customer-made PSUs based on innovative platforms.

Skyrocketing success

In 1999, Egston changed their standard range to “N2W" platforms, with its range gradually increasing ever since.  In 2000, the spectrum of products and services offered for OEM applications was extended to include intelligent chargers. Today, four different sizes of plug-in PSUs, three print module sizes (added just recently), and one housing for recessed sockets or use on level surfaces are available. Not only could Egston increase its annual turnover by 200 % between 1998 and 2000, but it also managed to establish itself on the international market by collaborating with world-wide leading manufacturers in the areas of telecommunication, medical technology, lighting technology, PDAs, digital cameras, any many other applications.

Appropriate response

Due to increasing competition in the area of compact PSUs, Egston was exposed to increasing innovation pressure. Egstons’s response to this was the development of the P2 group of modular PSUs, which were launched onto the market in 2003. The P2 group aims at high production flexibility, optimized costs and the immediate availability of small product quantities. In 2005, the logical consequence for us was to develop the programmable C2 charger derived from our P2-type PSU.

Today and tomorrow

Egston PSUs can be found in all leading catalogues offering electronic components.Primarily customers with special requirements regarding their power supply appretiate to use the comprehensive services Egston and its partners can offer, which cover many product sectors and various production plant locations.